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Milton Glaser - In Search of the Miraculous

Milton Glaser – In Search of The Miraculous or One Thing Leads to Another

Milton Glaser - In Search of the Miraculous

I discovered this great little book ‘In search of the miraculous or one thing leads to another’ by Milton Glaser. He talks about how ideas that are developed for personal or commercial work can cross-polinate or provide inspiration for later projects. He shows that designers just don’t come up with ideas from nowhere. Instead ideas can often come from developments of previous thinking and current interests outside commercial work.


Michael Page exhibition, San Francisco

I came across artist Michael Page this week, and found his latest collection of work, ‘Elan Vital’ quite mesmerizing.

He focuses on evolution, vital force, and the development of organisms, and specifically in this collection focused on creating ‘Pneuma’ – The life force and spirit in us all.

Together these ideas, with his strong colour pallet create a pretty captivating collection. I found it really inspiring, hope you do too!

See some of his collection here –

More photos, as well as a short interview with Michael, here –



Latest Show n Tell

For our latest Show n Tell we decided to do something a bit different. Nigel had just been to Sydney and brought back a pile of great design books. We all picked one for the week and then chose our favourite pieces from the book, with the intention of integrating them into our work. Here are some of the cool pieces we found… we are still endeavouring to use these ideas in our projects! Continue reading